Before We Begin…


Welcome to my descent into darkness. Welcome to my hunt without meaning. Welcome to the only answer I have left, the only answer we have left. It’s time to strike the final blow. My machete is finally sharp enough to sever the godhead from the stone torso it rest upon. This isn’t a test. It’s been held off for too long and we’ve been punished enough for our cowardice. I’ve been punished enough for my cowardice.

Aspiring Pragmatic Nihilism isn’t a theory of anything. It’s a process. It’s a way to not make sense of the world around us. It’s a way to not, not make sense of the world around us. There will be no collection plate at the end of this sermon. There will no promises of any kind. My only promise to you is that there will be no promises. If I were to promise you anything, I would promise you death. But, even the astute aspiring pragmatic nihilist wouldn’t even guarantee you that. This may never end. Deal with it.

This is my down-going. This is my suffering. This is sickness unto death. This is my journey towards Pragmatic Nihilism. Welcome.

Let me tell you about where it all began, on a mountain in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Drew Clementino Aguiar

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